Cristina Jurado

Cristina is the co-director of ‘Speaking Therapy’ as well as the Administrative Manager.

Prior to taking on the role of Administrative Manager, Cristina was an Early Childhood Educator and has had the privilege of working with children (from 6 months to 6 years old) for over five years in childcare centre settings.

Working with children was one of Cristina ‘s amazing experiences where she gets to share so many precious moments with these little ones. One of the things that Cristina is passionate about is to see children grow and develop their skills and talents.

Cristina believes every child is unique and special. Therefore it is the responsibility of an educator, parent, or any other person involved in the child’s development to help them reach their full potential with love, patience, and care.

Cristina is very excited about starting a new venture with ‘Speaking Therapy,’ which is all about helping children with communication difficulties to have a voice and to be given an opportunity to express and communicate their thoughts and feelings.

Cristina is also fluent in Spanish.