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Welcome to Speaking Therapy

“Deep inside, every individual with a communication disability has a voice in their heart, a voice that you may not be able to hear with your ears, but it’s a voice that’s valuable, that’s beautiful, that’s unique and full of personality. This voice and who they are is what the world needs to hear.” – Our Vision

‘Speaking Therapy’ is a team of Speech Pathologists and Special Educators who are passionate and committed to improving the lives of individuals with a Speech or Language disability. We service individuals with a range of needs, including people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and people with Autism or other developmental disabilities.

Our team recognises the challenges people with communication difficulties may face as they navigate around a speaking world. Living in a world where no one seems to understand them can be very frustrating for the individual, and they usually express this frustration through tantrums or other challenging behaviours. We also know that individuals with communication difficulties may also need assistance with other areas of learning.

Hence, Speaking Therapy is committed to helping individuals who have communication challenges to, not only gain a voice through the use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), but also to improve in their Education and Literacy Outcomes. We will assist our clients with strategies to help manage their own behaviour and emotional needs so that they can reach their learning potential. 

We are currently servicing clients across Sydney, Australia. 

Does your child have speech or language difficulties?


Our Services include:

Communication Therapy

Communication Therapy is all about giving our clients a voice and it is the heart of our organisation. We support our clients using a collaborative approach involving...

Speech Pathology/Therapy

Our Speech Pathologists play an important part of our Intervention team. They specialise in communication, speech and swallowing and have a...

Visuals2Go training

Want to learn how you can make the most out of Visuals2Go app?  Visuals2Go has helped many individuals with communication disabilities find...

VIsuals2Go App

Visuals2Go is an ALL-IN-ONE Educational app created to support individuals with communication and learning difficulties. Visuals2Go is designed to support you as an Educator, Therapist, Support Worker or Parent so that you can give the person in your care a voice. It is distinct from other Augmentative and Alternate Communication (AAC) in it’s versatility. Use it to encourage choice-making, sentence building or for visual prompts. Visuals2Go allows you to PRINT your visuals on a range of templates.

Our Team

Meet our dedicated team

Tony Bo

Operations Manager / Special Educator / Behaviour Therapist

Tony is the Operations Manager of ‘Speaking Therapy’ and is also a qualified Special Education Teacher. He also founded ‘Visuals2Go’ which is an iOS app designed to support individuals with communication difficulties and to support therapists, teachers, parents and carers to facilitate learning…. 

Cristina Jurado

Administrative Manager / Early Childhood Educator

Cristina had the privilege of working with children (from 6 months to 6 years old) for over five years in childcare centre settings. Working with children was one of Cristina ‘s amazing experiences where she gets to share so many precious moments with these little ones. One of the things that Cristina is passionate about…

Rachel Granter

Quality Manager / Senior Speech Pathologist

Rachel graduated from Sydney University Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) in 1992 and has completed training in autism, literacy, adult learning and counselling. Early career experience working in paediatrics with early childhood and school-aged children and brings a variety of professional experience…

Diyara Suranova

Speech Pathologist

Diyara received her bachelor’s degree in speech therapy in Russia and then her master’s degree in special education in Sydney. In addition, Diyara is qualified as a neuropsychologist. Diyara has extensive experience working with children with speech impairments, speech delays, dysarthria, as well as reading and writing disorders, dyslalia and dysgraphia. 

Ada Yip

Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Ada Yip is both a Teacher of the Deaf / Hard of Hearing children and the mother of a Deaf adult.  Ada earned her first Masters degree in Deafness and Communication Studies from Macquarie University and her second Masters degree in Special Education – Sensory Impairments from Renwick College, RIDBC…