About Us

“Deep inside, every individual with a communication disability has a voice in their heart, a voice that you may not be able to hear with your ears, but it’s a voice that’s valuable, that’s beautiful, that’s unique and full of personality. This voice and who they are is what the world needs to hear.” – Our Vision

‘Speaking Therapy’ is a team of Speech Pathologists and Special Educators who are passionate and committed to improving the lives of individuals with a Speech or Language disability. We service individuals with a range of needs, including people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and people with Autism or other developmental disabilities.

Our team recognises the challenges people with communication difficulties may face as they navigate around a speaking world. Living in a world where no one seems to understand them can be very frustrating for the individual, and they usually express this frustration through tantrums or other challenging behaviours.

Hence, Speaking Therapy is committed to helping individuals who have communication challenges to, not only gain a voice through the use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), but also to assist our clients with strategies to help manage their own behaviour and emotional needs so that they can reach their learning potential. 

Speaking Therapy offers Speech Therapy, Behaviour Therapy, and Special Education services, and our mobile Educators will come to you, whether support is needed in the home, school or community. We are currently servicing clients across Sydney, Australia. We believe in a holistic approach and will work collaboratively with therapists, schools, and parents/caregivers.

Evidence-based research has shown that despite the numerous documented surveys and studies of communicative proficiency for people with disabilities, most of them who require AAC are still not proficiently communicating.

AAC can be in the form of:

  • Eye Gaze
  • Sign Language
  • Speech Generated Devices
  • Using Visuals to communicate
  • And many more

Speaking Therapy recognises that even though a person may have AAC systems in place, they are often not used effectively or often enough throughout the day. We provide Communication and Educational Support to ensure a person gains the confidence in communicating by supporting them in the use of different AAC systems and help them build the necessary language they need for a “communicative lifestyle” across different environments and personnel.

Our team of specialists are experienced teachers and therapists working with people in the Autism Spectrum, Down syndrome, hearing-impairment and other disabilities.

Please contact us on (02) 8003 5333 or email info@speakingtherapy.com.au for more information on our services.